lördag 28 mars 2009

Learning Unit Testing and TDD

Hello world!

As you might have noticed, this blog don't get updated too often. I thought I'd make a change to that and blog about TDD and Unit Testing from a newbies perspective. I don't think I have a full overview of TDD and Unit Testing, so alot of the statements and topics discussed here will probably be false, myths or otherwise wrong. My intent is then to look back at this post in the future when I feel that I've mastered TDD and Unit Testing (if I ever do) and see how much smarter I became... or something along those lines.

The reason I want to learn Unit Testing is because:
  • I believe in learning new things evolves you as a person.
  • I believe that Unit Testing can make your code cleaner and better.
  • I believe that Unit Testing can help decrease technical debt, a common problem.
  • I believe that Unit Testing is part of agile processes, which I also want to learn.
  • I want to see what the fuzz is all about.
  • I like challanges, especially when I've beaten the challange.
  • It's development, right? What else can I say? :)
So far I haven't really found any good places to start learning Unit Testing & TDD. I've looked around MSDN for articles but somehow I feel I am missing out on the big picture. 

There are numerous questions going on in my head at the same time;
  • Is Unit Testing applicable on Game developement?
  • Where do I start? 
  • Is Unit Testing synonymous to TDD?
  • What is a Hello world! Unit Test example like? 
  • How do I apply Unit Testing in practice, in live projects? 
  • What can be Unit Tested, and what should be Unit Tested?
  • How can I come up with an sample project that can and should be Unit Tested?
Currently I am still searching for a place to start. Working with Unit Tests at MSDN is the place I'll spend my time this afternoon before I go visit my girlfriend off town. I have still to come up with some simple unit testing project and work with it, to get my toes wet. If anyone out there reads this and has the knowhows, please help me get up to speed if you care. It would really be apprechiated :) 

Right, I'm off. 
I have laundry to take care of and after that I'll try to get more focus on Unit Testing.

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